10 Things I Love About My Mom


1. She is my best friend. Whether I am having the best day or the worst day possible, she is always there to hear about my day. When I say that I can talk to her about absolutely anything, I truly mean that. She provides love, comfort, friendship, and protection.


2. She always asks “How are you?” I know that seems very simple and not as important to most people, but that question is very essential to me. It signifies her concern. I appreciate the unconditional care and love.


3. She is the only one that can be completely honest with me, without hurting my feelings. I trust her opinions.


4. She supports all of my hopes and dreams. My mother will always be my number one cheerleader.


5. She encourages me to be the best I can be and to reach past my fullest potential. Yes, it is a lot of pressure, but it’s motivation and I know it is out of love.


6. Thanks to my mother, I have always been provided with the proper necessities that every child needs.


7. When times get tough, she never leaves my side. My mom is my rock and she always has my back.


8. She influences my relationships by the way that she treats my father. Overall, my mom is a wonderful role model for young women.


9. I know it is a motherly trait to be protective of your children, but my mother surpasses that expectation. She is my own personal security guard.


10. Let’s just say, she’s my own personal stylist. Everything that belongs to her, is also mine. I appreciate the fact that she does not mind sharing her amazing clothes and fashion tips. My mother has influenced my wardrobe tremendously.



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